My name is Mark Long and I have been a Canadian Police Officer since March 2002 when I engaged with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and then the Halifax Regional Police in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was officially diagnosed with PTS in January of 2016 but had been suffering from its affects years before my diagnosis. My journey has not been an easy one which is all too often the case for many who live with PTS.

I created this site and this blog to share my experiences of being a first responder and living every day with Post Traumatic Stress. I also wanted to use this site so others could share their stories and resources with me. One of the most valuable gifts I have been given in this story of my life is having others share their own stories with me and allowing me to see that what I am feeling and experiencing is real and that I no longer need to suffer alone, isolating from the world with the belief no one else understands or cares.

I want you to remember that you too are not alone and my hope is this site will be just another building block in helping you with your own journey.



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The Dark Knight Rises

Today is the start of what I am hoping is my new path to Post Traumatic Growth. Creating this site and sharing my story is a big deal for me because I went so long keeping my illness a secret from so many, including those closest to me. Because of the embarrassment...

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