PTS Movies and Video


CBC DOCS POV After The Sirens – DESCRIPTION A look at the epidemic levels of PTSD and suicide amongst paramedics, and as told by the individuals on the frontlines of the crisis.
after the sirens

Jesse Gould – Heroic Hearts Project – Ayahuasca’s Effect on Veteran Mental Health

Officer Down: Suicide and harassment in Ontario’s provincial police service – The Fifth Estate

2018 Eagle Rare Life Award- Ronald “Jake” Clark


The War Comes Home: Transcendental Meditation

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The War Comes Home: Equine Therapy

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The War Comes Home: Building Trust Through Challenge

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 THE WAR COMES HOME – Suicide, Veterans & PTSD with Save A Warrior’s Jake Clark
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Kevin Johnson, Retired Police Officer (Nova Scotia)
“SIGNS”- Short Film – A First Responders Battle
First Responders Speak Out on Suicide and PTSD
” Beyond The Call ” Full Length PTSD Training Documentary
PTSD: A Healing Story
First Responders with PTSD
“You Are Not Alone” Families of the RCMP for PTSD Awareness
Cost of PTSD in the RCMP
PTSD in the RCMP The National
Code 9 – Officer Needs Assistance Video
Broken Heroes – Fighting PTSD in the Canadian Forces
First responder Natalie Harris shares her story about PTSD
Former Officer Breaks Silence On PTSD
Canadian Afghanistan veteran talks about the events contributing to his developing PTSD — Fought & Forgotten
Firefighters` fight against PTSD: Before death, firefighter makes plea to others
The Inside Story: Former Toronto police Sgt. says force is ‘failing’ officers on mental health
 The Inside Story: Family blames Toronto police after officer’s suicide
 Broken Heroes – Fighting PTSD in the Canadian Forces
War Crimes – PTSD and the Prison Population
Fear, Anger And PTSD: Inside The Mind Of Man After War
Soldier talks about his struggle with depression and PTSD
60 Minutes Advanced PTSD Therapy