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One of the most difficult things my family and I have had to deal with in order to get myself help for PTS was trying to find information on things as simple as PTS Peer Support Groups in my area, Therapist who specialize in PTS Treatment, PTS Treatment Facilities, Resources for Military, First Responders, Correctional Centre Officers, Nurses, Health Care Workers, Dispatchers, and Documentaries/Books/Social Media sources that focus on PTS.  I know first hand how frustrating it can be trying to track down and sift through the thousands of different forms of media surrounding the topic of PTS including Causes, Symptoms, Treatments etc. I have added this Resources page in the hopes it will help point others in the right direction so that we can take this journey of living with PTS together.

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The founder of this Organization is my hero. Thank You LAURA SZARKA 🙂

Code 15 Project was founded with one simple goal: helping first responders dealing with psychological injuries. Code 15 Project is a hub for mental health resources, a fundraiser for these resources, and a group support system to show you that you are not alone. You’re more than a uniform, and it’s time to reclaim your life.


Heroic Hearts Project (HHP) is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit that connects military veterans struggling with mental trauma to ayahuasca therapy retreats.  These veterans typically have tried all the available resources offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs with limited success leaving them with very few options.  We open the door to other viable options.  HHP also provides support and professional counseling to these veterans throughout the process.

Our mission is to provide hope and healing to military veterans that have been left hopeless by the current Veteran Affairs system.  We seek to spread awareness in the veteran community of powerful plant based therapies like ayahuasca and end the excessive dependence on powerful medications to treat mental traumas.

Save A Warrior. Save A Warrior™ has changed countless lives through our “War Detox” program, which supports the healing from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). We specialize in connecting Active Duty Military, Returning Veterans, and First Responders experiencing psychological trauma. 

UpTALK Podcast (Mental Health Podcast) – With Sean Conohan

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Lift For The 22 is an organization designed to provide free one year gym memberships to the veteran community in order to reduce veteran suicide.
Narcotics Anonymous
Welcome to CIAD—Canadian Intervention and Assistance Dogs Society. In Gaelic, CIAD means “primary” or “first”. We felt that this name truly reflects our training school on a number of levels….first; we are a new school in Nova Scotia offering intervention and assistance dog training.
PAWS FUR THOUGHT – Paws Fur Thought is an initiative to provide Service Dogs to Veterans and First Responders with Invisible injuries.
Society of Atlantic Heroes Recovery and Reintegration The Society of Atlantic Heroes (SOAH) is a regional non-profit organization that provides veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and community first responders with a safe haven to deal with serious personal challenges that lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) as a result of Occupational Stress Injuries.
Paramedic Nats Mental Health Journey/Wings of Change Peer Support Groups
Soldier On Canada
I’ve Got Your Back 911
DND/CAF Ombudsman Home
Canadian Veterans Ombudsman 1-877-330-4343 
Veterans Affairs Canada 


The Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) provides personal administrative support and programs to ill or injured CAF members of the Regular and Reserve Force who have a medical condition that precludes them from returning to their normal place of duty for a period of six months or more.

Mental Health resources for CAF members and families
 Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services
Military Family Resource Centres
 Mood Disorders Society of Canada
Operational Stress Injury Clinic Locator
Mission Butterfly will deliver its PTSD programs to specific populations who serve in maintaining our protection, rights and freedoms.
1-800-268-7708 Canadian Armed Forces Health Services
UpTalk Podcast – Paramedic Sean Conohan
Canadian Mental Health Association
Project Trauma Support
HomeWood Health, PTSR (Post Traumatic Recovery Program) Guelph Ontario

Trauma Healing Centers

Vets Canada
Paramedic Nats Mental Health Journey
Wounded Warriors Canada
Rally Point Retreat – Saving Those who Save Others