Today is the start of what I am hoping is my new path to Post Traumatic Growth. Creating this site and sharing my story is a big deal for me because I went so long keeping my illness a secret from so many, including those closest to me. Because of the embarrassment and shame I felt from developing PTSD, which was futher reinforced by the treatment I received from my own organization, I have not wanted to talk about my disease because I somehow felt responsible for getting sick.

I wanted to share my story and experiences with you and in turn have others share their experiences with me in the hopes we can help support each other.  I have been fortunate enough to have a very understanding and supportive partner as well as a few close friends who also live with PTSD every single day.
To Christian, Natalie, and Chris thank you for sharing your stories and hearts with me and giving me the courage to tell my story.
Sonya thank you for saving me.
Big and Dig you give me purpose every single day.